Empty Nest Winery
1352 Apple Road          MAP TO THE WINERY
Waukon, IA 52172            Tasting hours: Saturdays 10-5    
563-568-2758                                                    Sundays 1-5

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We are open weekends- Saturdays 10-5 Sundays 1-5

It's a Party & Almost Summer!!
 Special hours & fun Memorial Weekend
Tasting room is open on Memorial weekend:
Friday 3-6:00
Saturday 10-5:00
Sunday 1-5:00
Monday 10-5:00
Memorial Weekend Party is 
"Sangria & Wine Freeze Luau"
Come, grab a lei, check out the specials
on wine freezes, beer breads & dips and
sample our
 pure berry wines that will
amaze your nose and pallet..........
Come taste the difference!

First Release Limited Edition Wine ~Candlelight ~
This was your #1 voted wine at our
Blind Wine Tasting Event
Where you were the judge.
Summer wines are released
Memorial weekend ~
Twig & Berries
Party Starter Strawberry
Back in Black

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Tasting notes below:

 Candlelight: Your first limited release winner in this year’s “Blind Wine Tasting Event”.  Candlelight is made from white grapes picked and frozen at their sweetest point to make this iced style wine.  Dripping with syrupy sweetness, it rivals the great Ice wines from Germany and Canada but is made right here at Empty Nest Winery. Hints of tropical aromas on the nose followed by the smooth and supple richness of a fine dessert wine, but yet surprisingly light finish.  For a perfect way to end an amazing meal, sip and savor this wine as dessert itself or paired with any kind of raspberry, lemon, peach or apple dumplings or desserts.  It is only available for a limited time, so reserve your bottles now before they are all gone!  Wine Club members price is $12.50/ others $15.00

So it's Wine Freeze Season
So many flavors to choose from
So many different wines to mix in
Come see for yourself!

Winners Announced!!
Check the release dates below
(Where YOU are the Wine Judge)
We had 327 people who came to
Empty Nest Winery on Feb 7 & 8,
judged our new wines and 
cast their ballots..........
And the winners are:
Candlelight- Release on 4-18-15
 & Truffle- Release on 8-1-15
With honorable mention
to Little Black Dress
just falling short
Thanks to everyone who came & voted so the next wines we make will be Candlelight and Truffle. We will post when we will
release them so Like us on Facebook so you don't miss out
on YOUR wines.
Door Prizes go to:
Kaijsa Albertson * t-shirt
Elizabeth Dietrich * t-shirt
Jay Masters * bottle of wine & 2 glasses
Brian Moeller * grand prize of all 2014 Limited Edition Wines/Basket

    Empty Nest Winery’s Exclusive 2014 Limited Edition Collection
    Blind Wine Winners 2014 will be re-released by popular demand!

  1.  Limited Edition"White Lace" is sold out ~ re-release on 7-1-15    
  2. Limited Edition, "Berrylicious" sold out ~ re-release 11-14-15       
  3. Limited Edition "Naked Iced Apple" sold out~re-released 10-3-15
  4. Limited Edition "Night Temptation" sold out~ re-released 12-12-

These limited Edition Wines
were your Blind Wine Winners
from last February's event at the Empty Nest Winery.
Check out tasting notes on "our wines" page

Weekend Tasting Hours:
Saturdays 10-5 & Sundays 1-5
call for private tasting parties

 ~Join Our Club~ 

We are excited to announce the creation of the Empty Nest Wine Club!
-What is this new Club you ask? It is a way for our loyal wine lovers to purchase exclusive specialty wines from our cellar when available. These wines will be released to our Wine Club first and then if there are any bottle left, for general sale. so join the Wine Club
and get your hands on the special bottles of these upcoming vintages.
-How do you join? There is no annual fee to join. Membership is gained by purchasing 24 bottles of Empty Nest wine from our tasting room or  Farmers Markets. These bottles do not need to be purchased all out once.

-What type of wine will be available to club members? Our releases for 2014 were:

  • White Lace
  • Naked Iced Apple
  • Berrylicious
  • Night Temptation

 "Blind Wine Event Winners" will be released this way.  Throughout a typical year,
we like to try new recipes out or slightly tweak an existing one. These
wines will be the ones available to you as a Club member.

-When can I start? Starting February 7th ! Saturdays 10-5 and Sundays 1-5, Stop by the winery to get started today!
-More Questions, email emptynestwinery@gmail.com or stop in and ask us about The Club


Our wine is available at the following retailers so you never have to go without your favorite Empty Nest Wine!

-Waukon Greenhouse

-Decorah Oneota Coop

-The Plant Peddler Greenhouse in Cresco

 -The Painted Lady in Lansing

-Shabby Shack in Wellsburg

-By the Spoonful in McGregor

-Harvest Farms Campground in Cresco

-Giggling Goat in Hampton

-Girls Day Out in Monticello

-K & K Gardens in Hawkeye

-The Art Gallery in Clermont

-Willow Creek in Elkader

Be sure to "Like" us on Facebook to keep up with all the current news! 
Just search "Empty Nest Winery" and look for our sign.


Empty Nest Winery is family owned and operated.  Set in beautiful rural Northeast Iowa located between Decorah and Waukon.  We make handcrafted wines the old fashioned way by fermenting the whole berries/fruit not just the juice.  Our berry wines are just the berries fermented not grape or apple based with just some berries or berry flavor added as many other wineries do.  We make our wine in small batches using many varieties of berries handpicked predominantly on our family farm or from the surrounding local area.  We never filter our wines as that can strip away their natural color and flavor so some bottles may have sediment on the bottom but that is completely natural and will not affect the amazing ‘True to the Fruit Flavor’!  Sample up to 18 different & unique wines (click on “Our Wines” page to see tasting notes) in our tasting room on Saturdays from 10-5 and Sundays from 1-5, Closed in January.  Call ahead for private group tastings or large groups.


We host private wine tastings and parties so call to book a time to come and taste our wine.

Questions? Email us at

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