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"The Usuals"
These wines are made year around and are available in our tasting room

Full Moon Dry - A dry white wine with pear, citrus, and honeydew on the nose. With pear, citrus and melon on the palate this wine pairs beautifully with fish, other seafood/shellfish, and poultry. Crisp mouth feel with a smooth finish gives hints to traditional Chardonnay style wine. Serve chilled. $10.99

Red High Heels - Dry red wine with plum, cherry, and oak notes on the nose accompanied by plum and white pepper flavors on the palate. This wine finishes with a subtle oak mouth feel that gives a well balanced, rounded, smooth feeling. Red High Heels pairs well with full flavored red meat like steak, ribs, and burgers. It especially pairs well with grilled meats. Serve at room temperature or makes an amazing Sangria. $10.99

Red Silk A semi-dry red wine that tastes as silky rich as the name. Fermented with toasted French oak, this special red wine has layers of plum, cherry, and oak with a buttery smooth luscious finish. Pairs flawlessly with steak, stews, venison and other red meats or just relax and enjoy a glass. $10.99

Dew Kissed Rose - Semi-sweet rosè made with a White Zin style wine in mind, this wine is perfect for those looking to get into the world of wine without getting any harsh flavors sometimes associated with wine. With hints of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus on the nose and strawberry and citrus on the palate, this wine pairs with cream based sauces for pasta and pork. Serve chilled. $10.99  

Blueberry Blast Off
If you like blueberries, you will like this wine. A blueberry based with an aroma of fresh blueberries and a taste reminiscent of blueberry pie, this wine is perfect for sipping after a large meal. Add it to your favorite blueberry cobbler or pie recipe to intensify the blueberry flavor even more. And don’t worry, the alcohol bakes off. Also is superb served with pork. Serve chilled. $10.99 

Racy Red Raspberry - Semi-sweet raspberry based table wine, this wine is all about the berries. With a dramatic raspberry aroma, leading to an even more dramatic raspberry flavor, this wine is sure to please the raspberry lover in your family. Serve chilled for the perfect light, crisp sipping wine or mix with muddled peaches, raspberries, and pineapple for fruity, refreshing, one-of-a –kind sangria. $10.99 

Hump Day Happiness - A semi-sweet wine made with blends of blackberry and grape. With blackberry and a hint of nutmeg on the nose and fresh blackberries, concord grapes, and bing cherries on the palate this wine delivers a refreshing unexpected flavor. Pairs well with cheesecakes or chocolate and is a perfect sipping wine when in the mood for something fruity and refreshing. Serve chilled. $10.99

Full Moon White Sweet - A sweet white wine with tropical fruits (pineapple) and melon on the nose and pear, melon, and hints of mandarin orange on the palate. With a sweetness level comparable to a Moscato style wine, this wine will pair well with spicy Asian food, Caribbean Jerk, or stir fry. Use as a light vinaigrette or dressing for fruit salads as well. Serve chilled. $10.99

Celebrate - A semi-sweet peach and white grape wine that will soon be one of your favorites. This rich but light wine has the scent of freshly picked peaches on the nose, gives way to smooth and supple fruity notes dancing on the palate with a refined balanced finish. Pairs well with spicy food and light cheese. $11.99

Sweetheart - A sweet red wine, with a rich blend of grapes varieties with cherry notes, it is an easy-drinking style wine with a luscious mouth feel and natural residual grape sweetness that delivers a velvety smooth finish. This is the kind of everyday wine that goes well with just about everything. Served chilled with grilled meats, Asian cuisine, light cheeses, and that special someone to create a perfect night. $10.99

Specialty Wines
These wines are perfect for anything from an anniversary dinner to dinner on a Thursday night
Girls Night Out - A flawless union of wine and chocolate. Fresh, juicy raspberries with chocolate undertones on the nose and a perfect balance between sweet chocolate and raspberry acidity on the palate. This refreshing and smooth wine is great to just sip or matches up equally well with desserts, a true match made in heaven blended to perfection. Enjoy it with friends to create a night of pure paradise! $12.99  Back in stock now

Blackberry Bliss - It’s like eating a freshly picked blackberry. This reserve complex port wine is made with twice the amount of fresh blackberries and sugar fed for weeks to bring up the alcohol content, lending to balance the sweeter, stronger blackberry flavor. This port style wine would pair beautifully with a berry dessert, dark chocolate or can be reduced down to make homemade blackberry syrup. Serve chilled. $15.99  Back in stock now

 Your first limited release for 2017 on April 29th 'Candlelight' ~ Candlelight is made from white grapes picked and frozen at their sweetest point to make this iced style wine.  Dripping with syrupy sweetness, it rivals the great Ice wines from Germany and Canada but is made right here at Empty Nest Winery. Hints of tropical aromas on the nose followed by the smooth and supple richness of a fine dessert wine, but yet surprisingly light finish.  For a perfect way to end an amazing meal, sip and savor this wine as dessert itself or paired with any kind of raspberry, lemon, peach or apple dumplings or desserts.  It is only available for a limited time, so grab your bottles now before they are all gone!  Wine Club members price is $12.99 others $15.99 

Memorial Day Weekend Release:
Twig & Berries - A semi-sweet wine blended from rhubarb, raspberries and blueberries that just makes you think of summer when you sip it. A dramatic rhubarb & berry pie fragrance leads to an even smoother mouth-feel as you taste the freshness of summer in a glass. Serve chilled with light meals and desserts or when you are in the mood to just relax and enjoy something special. $11.99 Sold Out until Memorial Weekend 2018

Party Starter Strawberry - A semi-sweet light wine that reminds us of the strawberry wine that songs are written about or those “Strawberry Hill “ days gone by. A dramatic strawberry aroma on the nose followed by a smooth strawberry silkiness on the palate. This luscious wine was made for warm weather and summer fun in the Midwest! Enjoy it chilled in a glass or with your favorite chocolate dessert. $11.99  Sold Out until Memorial Weekend 2018

Back In BlackOur Signature wine made with blackcaps grown wild in NE Iowa, this limited edition pure berry wine is full bodied with just the right amount of kick. With a daring blueberry and blackberry sensation on the nose, a rich, bold blackcap taste on the palate and smooth on the finish. It is unlike any wine you have had and sure to be the talk of any dinner party. Serve slightly chilled or at room temperature. $15.99

  June 16 first release Limited Edition 'Dragonfly Dreams' ~ This is the first 2016 Blind Wine Winner released and sold out in one weekend last year!  Made from tropical pineapples, pears and bananas, so light and amazing you will float away dreaming you are on a warm sandy beach without a care in the world.  Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99. Sold Out in one weekend!

June 30th release Limited Edition 'Summer Splash' ~ This is a true summertime wine.  Tastes just like pink lemonade with a kick.  So refreshing and amazing, even people who usually don't like wine just love this tongue teasing delight.  Pretty summer pink color and sooo delicious you just have to taste to believe!  We sold out in 2 days last year so come this weekend or you might be out.  Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99.  Sold Out in one  weekend!

  JULY 14th  release Limited Edition 'White Lace' ~    White Lace entices your senses with real tropical fruits of pineapple, kiwi and peaches blended with white grapes to create this one-of-a-kind limited specialty wine.  It will remind you of a sweet Pinot Grigio with its crisp and refreshing finish sip after sip.  Enjoy a chilled glass with chicken, shellfish, pork or any dish prepared with spicy or Alfredo sauce. Simply amazing…….….taste and see why!  Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99. Sold Out in one weekend every year for 4 years straight

 August 4th your first 2017 Blind Wine Winner "Love Potion" is released.  Here it is finally being released the wine so many of you voted on in this category.  Made from sweet Black Cherries & Red Grapes. This luscious yet light wine is truly a potion of love; from the amazing cherry aroma to the sweet red taste on your lips. Serve chilled, this wine pairs well with light cheeses, swiss cheese & smoked turkey panini, chocolate mousse or chocolate pecan torte.  Make sure you grab a bottle to cast your spell on that special someone in your life. Sold Out 

August 18 release Limited Edition 'Truffle' ~ This is the one everyone has been talking about & waiting for and it is finally HERE! Truffle is as luxurious and amazing as those incredible candies it is named after. Made from fermenting red grapes and sweet red cherries together, then adding a touch of rich chocolate to finish this remarkable combination. This triple delight gives the wine an aroma that begs you to taste and savor this flawless union of fruit and chocolate on your palate and finish with a velvety smoothness like no other wine. Sip after sip, you will love this liquid nectar down to the last drop in the bottle (sharing this wine is optional) Wine Club members price is $12.99 / others $15.99  Sold Out in one weekend

Labor Day Weekend Release
Apple Road -
Made from pressed Peake’s Orchard apples. Clear golden in color, this semi-sweet apple wine has the scent of freshly picked apples. Slight cinnamon on the nose, the mouth-feel is crisp, vibrant and well balanced with apple zing and a beautiful smooth sugary finish. Best served chilled as a refreshing light wine or excellent paired with pork (or add it to a pork roast in the crockpot for an out of this world taste!). $10.99  

Crimson CranberryA semi-sweet light and refreshing wine with fresh acidity and strong cranberry aromas. It is a light pink &copper rose color that is light bodied with tart cranberry punch that is mouthwatering but balanced with a touch of sweetness. Served chilled to accompany your favorite meats at your upcoming special family holiday meals. $10.99 

Midlife Crisis - Limited edition elderberry wine will push your opinions of berry wines to new limits. With blueberries, blackberries, and hints of white pepper on the nose and plum, cherry, and spices on the palate, this wine will warm you from the inside out and make you forget any troubles. It’s robust, unique flavor pairs well with lamb, aged cheddar cheese and spiced desserts. Serve chilled. $15.99 Running low on this wine!

Sept.  15 release Limited Edition  Little Black Dress: Made from Wild Blackcaps & Shiraz grapes, fermented slow to get all the flavors out of the fruit, then kept dry.  This amazing one-of-a-kind wine is only found at Empty Nest Winery or online above to be shipped to your doorstep.  $15.99

October 6 Release Limited Edition 'Naked Iced Apple' ~ This sweet dessert wine is made from frozen tree-ripened apples dripping with syrupy sweetness and fermented with special yeast to preserve the fresh apple flavor, bouquet and residual sugar. Full apple aroma on the nose followed by the smooth and supple richness of a fine dessert wine but yet surprisingly light finish. A great way to end a meal or in our case, celebrate a daughter’s marriage! Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99

October 20th Release Limited Edition 'Sticky Buns' ~ This amazingly smooth sweet wine is like no other you have tried!  Fermented using brown sugar not white sugar with red grapes and special yeast to slowly coax the yeast to turn this into a super smooth and almost gooey delight on the pallet.  Goes great with bacon, yup bacon or try it for brunch with bacon or sausage egg bakes.  Wine Club members price is $12.99 / others $15.99  Sold Out in one weekend last year!!

 November 10th release Limited Edition "Private Reserve" This is 2 years in the making....Amazing Pure Elderberry Port wine sugar fed for months to obtain that higher alcohol known for ports; aged  a full year in carboys, then racked into a Mississippi Distillery "Cody Road" Bourbon Barrel to age another 6 months, then bottled and aged 6 more months before releasing this special amazingly smooth rich & balanced port.  This wine is NOT for everyone, but only those who truly enjoy the finer ports available anywhere!  24.99/wine club - others 29.99!

 November 17th Release Limited Edition "Berrylicious' Our Holiday Wine ~ Berrylicious is the ultimate pure berry wine with all of our berries intermingled together to tempt your senses.  Blackberries, Elderberries, and Blackcaps first burst in your mouth followed by the sweet & dynamic Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry finish.  You will taste something different with every sip and savor every glass.  Enjoy chilled with light cheeses, glazed ham, smoked pork loin, chocolate, and decadent holiday desserts.  You’ll wish this was available year-round but it is only available for a limited time, so reserve your bottles now before they are all gone!  Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99

 December 1 release Limited Edition 'Night Temptation'  & 'Seduction'~  what a superb way to end an amazing year here at the Empty Nest Winery.  This port is perfect for those cold Midwest nights to come yet this winter.  Pour a glass and curl up by the fire for an impeccable way to end any evening.  Luxuriously smooth, rich and complex port wine with immense coffee undertones to awaken your senses and tempt you to pour a second glass.  Enjoy either chilled or room temp, both ways have different aromas and flavors. This wine is just incredible………………..you must taste it for yourself and give a bottle to someone special, if you can part with it.    Wine Club members price is $12.99/ others $15.99

Be sure to pick up your own Empty Nest Winery wine glass or t-shirt.  These make great gifts or others or for yourself and are perfect for enjoying the wine you just purchased!


*We only make our seasonal wines when the required fruit is ripe and in season.  There is a limited supply available, so get yours while you can! 

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